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Reliable Telestroke Care in Southern California

Telestroke care, a branch of telemedicine, uses modern technologies to provide quick and effective emergency care to stroke patients from a distant location. Caring for a stroke soon after the onset of symptoms is the best way to prevent long-term damage and complications.

Telestroke care at Dignity Health Southern California allows our emergency services staff to offer prompt stroke care without a delay in your treatment.

Find a Doctor today who is skilled in telemedicine in Southern California. With telestroke care, our dedicated neurologists can provide expert treatment.

The Importance of Telestroke Care

When you visit our emergency department for stroke symptoms, a telestroke neurologist will provide your emergency physician with expert guidance to ensure your best treatment and recovery.

This involves using a smartphone, tablet, or laptop to:

  • Communicate with your care team from an off-site location
  • Perform a stroke assessment
  • Diagnose a stroke
  • Prescribe life-saving stroke medication

Telestroke care is also important in saving patients with a blood-clot related stroke. Certain stroke patients need tissue plasminogen activator or tPA, a medication that breaks up blood clots in the brain, within the first four hours of a stroke. A remote stroke neurologist can interactively assess a stroke patient and determine if they need tPA.

What to Expect from Telestroke Care at Dignity Health Southern California

After you consent to telestroke care, your remote stroke neurologist may use videoconferencing to ask you or your family questions about your health and give you a neurological exam. The emergency department staff works with your telestroke doctor by sharing test results and carrying out medical treatment recommended by the neurologist.

We know that stroke care requires timely treatment. At Dignity Health Southern California, telestroke care is a collaborative effort that treats stroke in its most critical moments. Rely on emergency services and our expert neurologists for remote treatment and stroke assessment in Southern California.

Dignity Health provides high-quality telestroke care in Southern California.