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CarePoint 360

Dignity Health CarePoint 360 with Everside Health is a direct-to-employer health care provider transforming the patient experience by combining the power of a robust and fully-integrated health system with the personalized touch of a family doctor.

The goal is to provide better health outcomes and reduce overall health care spending through a value-based direct primary care model. Our CarePoint 360 program is designed to empower patients to take charge of their health by offering 24/7 access to personalized one-stop health care, with no copays or co-insurance, that can cover up to 90% of care needs in one setting.

Dignity Health CarePoint 360 with Everside Health offers comprehensive primary care services for acute, preventative and routine health care needs, with an emphasis on improving quality of care and health outcomes for all. Our members enjoy prompt appointment scheduling and access for urgent needs, little to no time spent in the waiting room, and seamless access to specialized services offered by Dignity Health when extra care is needed.

Bringing Value for Employers and Patients

By preventing and managing costly and chronic health conditions through unparalleled access to care and state-of-the-art population health analytics, employers can expect to see a reduction in healthcare costs and an improvement in employee health over time.

We're excited to show what Dignity Health and Everside Health can do. Share a few details below and we'll reach out to schedule a demo.