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Nobody knows when an emergency will occur

 It is important to plan ahead for you and your family


Emergency Room

Chandler Regional's Emergency Room is ready to handle everything from minor emergencies to the most life-threatening situations. And, if admittance to our hospital is necessary, rest assured our emergency care is fully supported by heart, neurology, orthopedics and surgery services.

Prepare For Emergency Care

Nobody knows when an emergency will occur—which is why it is important to plan ahead for you and your family. Keep a list or packet of medical information readily available for an emergency room visit. This information will help paramedics or the emergency room team provide quick and appropriate care.

Your emergency room list or packet should include information such as:

Additionally, be sure to contact your health insurance company every year to find out which hospitals and emergency rooms are in your provider’s network. Talk to your family’s pediatrician, primary care doctor or specialist to find out when it is appropriate to go to the emergency room, especially if you already have a health condition. Sometimes an urgent care center can provide the treatment you need.

Learn More About Chandler Regional's Emergency Room

Our Emergency Room is conveniently located within Chandler Regional at 1955 W. Frye Road, in Chandler. We are always ready to provide the highest standard of care—and you can expect to see a doctor in less than 15 minutes. To contact our Emergency Room, please call (480) 728-3211.