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Alternate Members

Alternate members, or alternates, may be assigned by the same method as selection for IRB members. Each IRB member may have one alternate member. Alternates may attend all meetings, enter into the discussion and review protocols. They shall receive all material from the IRB, including communications, memos, minutes, and consent agendas, among others. Alternates may vote when the member is not present at the meeting, but will abstain from all voting when the member is in attendance. They will not count toward the presence of a quorum if the member is present.

Diverse Backgrounds - The IRB shall consist of members with sufficiently diverse backgrounds to promote complete and adequate review of research activities conducted at the hospital. The IRB is sufficiently qualified through the experience and expertise of its members and diversity of the members' backgrounds. This includes consideration of racial and cultural backgrounds, as well as sensitivity to issues such as community attitudes to promote respect for its advice and counsel in safeguarding the rights and welfare of human subjects. In addition to possessing the professional competence necessary to review research activities, the IRB ascertains the acceptance of proposed research in terms of institutional limitations and policies, applicable laws and regulations, and standards of professional conduct and practice. The IRB includes individuals knowledgeable in these areas, and may not consist entirely of members of one profession.

  1. Nondiscrimination- An effort will be made to ensure that the composition of the IRB is non-discriminatory and an effort will be made to ensure that the IRB does not consist entirely of men or entirely of women. Qualified persons of both sexes will be considered, so long as no selection is made to the IRB on the basis of gender. 

  2. Member-Resignation/Removal- An IRB member may resign at any time. An member may be deemed to have resigned and no longer be a part of the IRB if the member fails to attend half or more of regularly scheduled meetings in any 12 month period. An IRB member shall be removed if the member is excluded or suspended from participation in any federal or state healthcare program, or is removed or terminated from the medical staff. In addition, an IRB member may be removed at any time, with or without cause, by majority vote of the IRB, subject to ratification by the hospital's governing board. 

  3. IRB Member Conflict of Interest- IRB members may have a conflict of interest as a result of research in which they are involved, or financial interests or business arrangements they have with a study sponsor or investigator. All IRB members shall comply with the Dignity Health Policy on conflict of interest , including making disclosures of conflicts of interest on an annual basis.

For additional information, please call the East Valley Regional IRB at (480) 728-3582.

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