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Before Surgery

Our surgery admission nurse will call you before surgery to gather your medical history and other important details. This information will help us develop the optimal treatment plan for you, including surgical procedures, anesthesia and pain management.

Preparing for Your Pre-surgery Interview

Before the call, it may be helpful to write some notes or gather a few details so you are ready to review:

  • Past surgeries, hospitalizations or other significant medical problems past or present
  • All medications you will be taking 10 days prior to your surgery day, including all prescription and over-the-counter medications, as well as vitamins and herbal or dietary supplements
  • Medication and food allergies, or any other allergies you have, including latex, tape or dyes, and how you react to them

Preparing for Surgery

There are certain things you need to do or avoid before surgery.


  • Watch the pre-surgery video
  • Arrange for a family member or other responsible adult to take you to the hospital for surgery and stay with you for at least 24 hours after you go home.
  • Notify your surgeon if you are taking herbal or dietary supplements and/or over the counter medications. Certain products could impact your surgery.
  • Shower or bathe the morning of your surgery. You may use deodorant but no powder, lotion, perfume, aftershave, dark nail polish or makeup.
  • Bring your glasses with their case, hearing aids or dentures only if you rely on them.
  • Call your doctor if you develop any symptoms of an illness, such as fever, sore throat, cough, rash or sores near your surgical area.
  • Remove any body piercings, especially those near your surgery site.


  • Eat solid food after midnight on the day of surgery. You may have clear liquids (i)ncluding water, black coffee or tea, clear broth and sports drinks eight hours before surgery, then nothing at all, including water, ice chips, gum or breath mints. If you do consume anything, we will cancel your surgery.
  • Smoke, use tobacco, drink alcohol or use any type of recreational drugs for at least 24 hours before your surgery.
  • Wear jewelry or contact lenses.
  • Bring valuable items with you to the hospital.
  • Use hairspray or hair gel if you are having head or neck surgery.
  • Shave any part of your body before surgery.

Additional Pre-Surgery Preparations to Consider

Before surgery, it is important to be familiar with your medical benefits plan. If you have questions or concerns, please call your insurance provider so you fully understand what portion of the costs you will be responsible for and how to make those payments.

Learn More About Pre-surgery Procedures at Chandler Regional

If you have any questions or concerns that arise before surgery, please call our surgery admission nurse at (480) 728-7062.