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Day of Surgery - What to Expect

When you arrive, you will check in with our Admitting Department. Please bring photo identification, your insurance card and means of payment. They will have a packet of information waiting for you based on information you and your doctor have provided us, as well as forms to sign. You will be given your identification bracelets at this time, and will be escorted to the surgery waiting room.


To prepare for your surgery, you will be taken through the following procedures:
  • We will measure your weight and vital signs, including blood pressure, pulse, respirations, temperature and oxygenation saturation.
  • A urine specimen is required of women of child bearing age. If you need to use the restroom before this, please check with Admitting and they will give you a specimen container.
  • You will check in your belongings. Please give your valuables to the person who will be waiting for you prior to entering the pre-operative area, or leave them at home.
  • If you wear hearing aids or eye glasses, you may keep them until you leave for the operating room and then give to your family member or friend for safe keeping You will change into a hospital gown and slippers.
  • Please do not wear undergarments beneath the gown. We will provide a plastic bag for your clothes.
  • You will be assisted onto a stretcher with warm blankets, and given a random number at the front of your stretcher for identification purposes that does not suggest the order of surgery.
  • A registered nurse will start your IV and explain what to expect during your stay. For your safety, your surgeon or operating room staff will mark your surgical site. Your family member or friends will be invited to sit with you until it is time for your surgery.

Prior to going to the operating room, you will meet your operating nurse, anesthesiologist and surgeon. Feel free to ask any questions or voice any concerns at this time or at any time. We will do our best to make sure all of your needs are met.

Learn More About Surgery at Chandler Regional

If you have any questions or concerns about what to expect before, during or after your procedure, please call our surgery admission nurse at  (480) 728-7062.