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Highest Level Trauma Care For All

Chandler Regional is a verified Level I Trauma Center by the American College of Surgeons.


Trauma Center

Minutes can mean the difference between life and death for a traumatic injury. In 2012, only 42 percent of patients who were critically injured in Maricopa Country arrived at a Level I trauma center within the "golden hour," the hour immediately following the injury. This timeframe is critical because it is within this hour that most people can be saved through surgical intervention.

Understanding Who Needs Trauma Care

The basic definition of a "trauma patient" is someone with injuries as a result of an accident, such as: motor vehicle collisions, ground-level fall, slipping, falling off playground equipment, hiking, bicycling and ATV accidents. Chandler Regional's Emergency Room already cares for patients with these injuries, but when they are combined with abnormally low blood pressure, respiratory failure and/or unconsciousness, a higher level of care is needed. These patients require Level I trauma team activation.

Highest Standards of Trauma Care

Chandler Regional's provisional status as a Level I Trauma Center began on March 24, 2014. Our Trauma Center is equipped with advanced technology and dedicated trauma operating rooms. Our trauma care team coordinates with EMS responders to provide critical care 24 hours a day.

Our trauma team includes:

Level 1 Trauma Center: Phases of Care

There are four phases to the trauma care process:

Phase One 
First responders to the accident scene attempt to stabilize a patient’s injuries before taking them to Chandler Regional for trauma care.

Phase Two 
When the patient enters the trauma center, doctors will assess the severity of the injuries and determine the appropriate course of action to be taken.

Phase Three 
The patient will go to the operating room where the trauma center doctors will stabilize and repair all injuries. Recovery time in the hospital will vary based on the extent of injuries.

Phase Four 
Post-trauma center care includes at-home recovery, rehabilitation services and other necessary treatments to return to good health.  

Trauma Team

Our Trauma Leadership Team works closely with the Trauma staff and Emergency Medical Services/First Responders in the community to coordinate patient care from the accident scene to our doors.

Learn More About Trauma Care

If you have any questions about our trauma care services please call us at (480) 728-3557