Pre-Admission Testing Center

St. Joseph's Pre-Admission Testing Center offers services to help prepare you for surgery.

We encourage patients to schedule a pre-surgical visit in our Pre-Admission Testing Center. This appointment can be scheduled by your surgeon's office prior to the day of your surgery. The benefit of this appointment is that all of the steps required to proceed with your surgery are completed in one convenient location. This includes:

  • Hospital registration
  • Insurance verification
  • Evaluation by a Registered Nurse
  • Pre-Operative Teaching
  • Instructions regarding medications
  • Provision of antibacterial soap (Hib)iclens, chlorhexidine
  • Completion of pre surgical testing requested by your surgeon (s)uch as laboratory tests, chest x-ray, electrocardiogram
  • Evaluation by a physician or nurse practitioner as requested by your surgeon
  • Time for you to discuss any questions you may have regarding your procedure
  • An opportunity for you to familiarize yourself with the hospital before the day of your surgery

Contact Us

To learn more, call (602) 406-6788.

Fax: 602.406.7186

We are located on the 2nd Floor in the Patient Tower. Take the Camelback Elevators in the main lobby to the second floor, then turn right.