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Help manage or control diabetes

We personalize each patient experience.



The Diabetes Clinic at St. Joseph's Internal Medicine Department diagnoses and treats patients with all types of diabetes. Our goal is to work with patients and referring physicians to help manage or control diabetes. For patients with difficult-to-control diabetes, our diabetes specialists believe in a multi-factorial approach. We personalize each patient experience, and help them find the resources that are best for them to manage their diabetes. Providing data to patients in a non-judgmental approach has allowed us great successes in patient outcomes.

Find a Diabetes Specialist

To find a diabetes specialist, please call (602) 406-7564

Types Of Diabetes Treated

Our diabetes specialists treat a variety of diabetic conditions, including:

  • Type I Diabetes
  • Type II Diabetes
  • Gestational Diabetes
  • New-onset Diabetes
  • Uncontrollable, or "brittle"

Services Provided For Diabetes

  • Same day appointments
  • Education on a variety of glucose monitors
  • Training and education on insulin pumps
  • Use of smart phone apps to help patients manage their diabetes
  • Treatment of high blood sugar in-office to prevent ER visits
  • Downloading of data from insulin pumps or glucose monitors to treat trends
  • Lab draws in-office

Diabetes Resources Available

Patients at St. Joseph's Diabetes Clinic have a number of resources available to them, including:

iPro Continuous Glucose monitor

This device is sent home with the patient for three days. It monitors their blood sugar every five minutes, providing data on their personal pattern of glucose highs and lows.

Insulin Pump Training

An insulin pump can help patients avoid highs and lows and create a better match between insulin, food and activity. Lowering their A1C is great for overall health and using only one type of insulin in a pump helps them save money on insulin. Syringes are not required and patients insert a new pump site every three days instead of injecting insulin three to five times a day.

Free Glucose Monitors

A variety of glucose monitors are available for patients in the office. Our highly knowledgeable staff can help patients choose the best monitor for them.

Group Visits & Education

Diabetes group visits provide an opportunity to meet with a health provider and a health educator. This type of visit is centered around you and your need to manage your diabetes in an efficient and satisfying way.

Meet the Team

St. Joseph's diabetes specialists are experts in their field. Our endocrinologist and nurse practitioner care for all types of diabetes. They will work with you every step of the way - from diagnosis to treatment and beyond.

Learn More About St. Joseph's Diabetes Clinic

To find a diabetes specialist, call (602) 406-7564

Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.  

Internal Medicine Department
500 West Thomas Road, Suite 900 
(McAuley Office Building, 9th Floor)
Phoenix, Arizona 85013