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Group Visits and Education

Diabetes group visits provide an opportunity to meet with a health provider and a health educator. This type of visit is centered around you and your need to manage your diabetes in an efficient and satisfying way.

Services Provided During A Diabetic Group Visit

Each session is two and a half hours, and the group meetings quarterly. During each visit you will:

  • Participate in educational sessions
  • Learn how other people cope with diabetes
  • Have your medications adjusted, if needed

FAQs On Diabetic Group Visit Education

Why should I attend the group visit?

A group visit format allows for additional time to give you the information and education to manage your diabetes. Learning how other people manage their diabetes is also a valuable experience. With proper education and support, you will manage your diabetes more effectively and prevent complications. You will feel more informed and more in control of your health. Good control of your blood sugar will reduce the risk of complications from diabetes, such as damage to your eyes, kidneys and nerves.

What happens during the visit?

A group visit is like a class because it offers specific information provided by a trained health educator. It is also like a support group because participants have the opportunity to reflect on the information provided, and share their questions, concerns or solutions. The group visit is different than traditional classes or support groups because it is integrated with your health care – at each group visit you will have an individual consultation with a health provider who will provide routine care, such as ordering and reviewing labs, performing a physical exam and adjusting medications as needed.

How do these visits fit in with my care?

A group visit is meant to provide you with routine care, specifically for your diabetes. If you have an urgent medical problem, you will need to schedule a regular, individual appointment with a healthcare provider in the clinic. In addition to group visits, you may need additional separate appointments with a healthcare provider to address more complex problems.

Can my family and friends attend?

We encourage you to bring family members or other support people to your group visit.

Learn More About Diabetic Education At St. Joseph's

Diabetic group visits are offered through both St. Josephs' Family Medicine Department and Internal Medicine Department. To schedule a group visit or learn more, call (602) 406-3540 for Family Medicine or (602) 406-2323 for Internal Medicine.