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Explore Your Cancer Treatment in Arizona at Dignity Health

Generally, doctors base cancer treatment options on the cancer’s stage and your overall health. In the early stages, the goal is often to eliminate cancer and keep it from coming back. In later stages, doctors may try to remove the cancer (i)f possible, control symptoms, and improve quality of life.

At Dignity Health, providing the best cancer treatment is our goal. We work with our patients every step of the way to offer effective treatment and compassionate care that create an environment of healing and humankindness

Our board-certified oncologists, surgeons, and other team members can use your comprehensive diagnosis and health history to provide the optimal cancer treatment in Arizona. Find out more about your options at Dignity Health by calling (602) 406-8222 or using our Find a Doctor tool.



Surgery is the main treatment for many types of cancer, as it’s often the best chance to cure the cancer. Surgery may involve removing part or all of an organ or gland in early stages. In later stages, doctors may also need to remove surrounding tissues. In advanced stages, surgery may help relieve symptoms by removing the tumor.



A mastectomy is treatment for breast cancer. It removes all or part of the breast to treat or prevent breast cancer. It may also involve removing lymph nodes.



A lumpectomy is also a treatment for breast cancer. It removes a breast tumor and a small amount of normal tissue around it. Your surgeon might also remove lymph nodes to test whether cancer has spread.



A biopsy is the removal of a small sample of tissue for examination. Taking a biopsy can help doctors diagnose or rule out cancer. Sometimes, excisional biopsies can remove all of a cancerous tumor or growth.


Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy uses high-dose X-rays or particles to destroy cancer cells. It can be a main treatment for cancer when surgery is not possible. Doctors may also use it before surgery to shrink the tumor and after surgery to kill any remaining cancer cells.



Chemotherapy is medicine that kills cancer cells or stops them from growing. Like radiation, doctors use it before surgery, after surgery, and as a main treatment when surgery isn’t an option.



Immunotherapy or biologic therapy boosts the immune system to help it find and kill cancer cells. Doctors most often use immunotherapy after surgery, when cancer has spread, or in people who can’t have surgery.


Targeted Therapy

Targeted therapies use characteristics unique to cancer cells to destroy them or stop their growth. They often “target” or neutralize the gene products of cancer mutations. Genomics and the study of your genes may allow your doctor to identify if targets are present on cancer cells and if specific targeted drugs may work for you.


Outpatient Infusion Services

Outpatient infusion service is a way to deliver intravenous (IV) cancer treatment without staying in the hospital. It’s sometimes recommend when you need chemotherapy for cancer.


Palliative Care

Palliative care focuses on the health needs of people with serious and terminal illnesses. It aims to improve the quality of life and provide pain relief for seriously and terminally ill people.

Dignity Health offers patients of all ages exceptional cancer treatments in Arizona.