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Treating Your PAD: Peripheral Bypass Surgery in Arizona

In peripheral artery disease (PAD) the arteries in the limbs are narrowed and often become blocked. In the case of a blockage, your doctor may suggest peripheral bypass surgery. In peripheral bypass surgery (also known as peripheral artery bypass surgery and femoral popliteal bypass) your doctor will remove a blood vessel from another limb to create a new path for blood flow.

Dignity Health of Arizona is a nationally recognized leader in heart and vascular care offering leading-edge surgical treatment for peripheral artery disease. To learn more about peripheral bypass surgery in Arizona, Find a Doctor online or call (855) 231-6180.


Why Peripheral Bypass Surgery is Performed

When PAD blocks blood flow to the limbs, tissue death can result, putting the entire limb at risk. Peripheral bypass surgery can restore that blood flow. In general, doctors may consider peripheral bypass if you have:

  • Symptoms that keep you from leading a normal life
  • Infections or wounds that can’t heal due to decreased blood flow
  • Symptoms that don’t respond to other treatments


Surgery & Recovery at Dignity Health: What to Expect

At Dignity Health of Arizona, our vascular surgeons will perform your peripheral bypass surgery in one of our nationally recognized hospitals. You will receive general anesthesia or a regional nerve block, depending on the placement of the blockage. The procedure usually requires a hospital stay of one to two days.

Our team will make sure you understand how to take care of yourself once you get home. You may need to elevate the limb you had surgery on to increase blood flow. You may also have to limit walking and other activities. You will also likely have medication prescriptions to fill. Be sure let us know if you have any unusual symptoms such as difficulty breathing, fever, numbness, swelling, or coolness in the limb.

Once you’ve healed you should feel significantly less pain than you did before surgery. Increased blood flow should eliminate infection risks and everyday activities should be easier to perform.

Dignity Health is a leader in heart and vascular care, offering advanced diagnostics, prevention strategies, clinical research, and leading-edge treatments. We also offer a free Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) educational tool. This tool helps you estimate your personal risk of developing PAD and factors that contribute to PAD. 

Serving patients with personalized care, Dignity Health offers femoral popliteal bypass in Arizona.