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Why choose Dignity Health Weight Loss Center

From the moment you step in for your initial consultation to post-surgery support and nutrition counseling, our dedicated team at Dignity Health's Weight Loss Surgery Center is with you at every juncture. Our mission? To usher you into a rejuvenated life marked by enhanced health, vitality, and longevity.

Desiring a transformation? To regain your health, zest, and confidence? Our adept surgical weight loss specialists are eager to guide you. With a collaborative approach, we'll explore the most fitting solutions to meet your weight loss aspirations. Recognizing the distinctiveness of every individual, we ensure your treatment plan is meticulously tailored, aligning with your health needs, weight loss objectives, and lifestyle nuances.

Your journey begins with a one-on-one meeting with our medical team to understand your personal goals, then we carefully collaborate with your input to select the appropriate weight loss procedure that is best suited for you. Our multidisciplinary approach which is also unique includes dietary counseling, psychological support, ongoing weight loss care through our expert providers, and optional support groups with your peers. Every facet of the program is focused on helping you lose weight with dignity and jumpstart your journey to a better quality of life with improved health, and sustained, long-term success.

For more information on our weight loss program, please call (480) 757-0292.  We're here to help.