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Trust Dignity Health with Family Planning in Arizona

Family planning helps you make informed decisions about conception, pregnancy, and childbearing. Our family planning services at Dignity Health are available for individuals and couples. Our experienced doctors, nurse practitioners, genetic counselors, midwives, and other health care specialists work together to help you make these important decisions. Family planning services are offered in our clinics and hospitals.

Looking for advice in family planning in Arizona from an expert? Find a Doctor at Dignity Health. We can provide counseling that will give you confidence in your plan for the future. 

When Family Planning Might Be Right for You

Our doctors might recommend family planning if:

  • You are trying to get pregnant or avoid pregnancy.
  • You are older than 35 — the risk of birth defects and pregnancy complications increases after age 35.
  • You have a family history of inherited disease, birth defects, miscarriage, or stillbirth. Some, but not all, birth defects are the result of genetic mutations, which also can be passed on through the families. Genetic counseling can help you understand the chances of passing a genetic disorder to your child.

Family planning is available at Dignity Health to anyone upon request. In fact, preconception counseling — a medical appointment to discuss your plans prior to becoming pregnant — is recommended for everyone.

Family Planning Services Offered at Dignity Health

Services offered include:

  • Preconception counseling. Working with our expert health care team before conception helps women maximize their health and increase their chances of a healthy pregnancy and birth. 
  • Contraceptive counseling. Our experts help you select the family planning method that best meets your needs and reproductive goals.
  • Genetic counseling. Specially trained doctors help you understand any genetic risks to your child. You may benefit from this counseling if you have a family history of disease or if your ethnic background predisposes you to genetic risks.

What to Expect During Your First Visit

Your health care provider will ask you questions about your medical history, your partner’s medical history, and your family’s medical history. Bring that information with you. You’ll also be asked about your past experiences with pregnancy and birth. The doctor may perform a physical exam and order tests to check your health.

Your health care provider will use the information gathered to discuss possible risks and recommend specific interventions to help you reach your reproductive goals.

If you are interested in learning about the Dignity Health Family Birth Centers near you, schedule a tour today by calling (877) 728-5414.

Dignity Health provides expertise in family planning throughout the state of Arizona.