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Preparing for the Future With Parenting Classes in Arizona

Few adults have much childcare experience before becoming parents. Parenting classes provide resources, information, and support to help build the confidence of parents-to-be. Parenting classes are offered in many hospitals, clinics, and community settings.

Dignity Health offers a variety of classes to help educate and prepare expectant families. St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center, Mercy Gilbert Medical CenterChandler Regional Medical Center and Yavapai Regional Medical Center provide exceptional parenting classes in Arizona

What You’ll Learn in Parenting Classes at Dignity Health

All parenting classes are different. Some classes provide a general overview of parenting basics. Others are specialized and focus on a singular parenting topic. Before signing up for a parenting class, make sure the course content meets your needs. Topics covered in parenting classes may include:

  • Stages of infant and child development
  • Living as a new parent and bonding with your infant
  • Basics of newborn care, such as diapering, feeding, and bathing
  • Infant safety, including safe sleep habits, baby proofing your home, and car seat safety
  • Parent training to address behavioral issues
  • Skills for dealing with discipline issues and parent-child struggles

Your health care provider can give you information about parenting classes in your area. Many parents develop friendships with other parents while attending parenting classes. These friendships can be a great source of support as your children grow. If attending classes is not an option for you, online classes are also available.

Dignity Health offers support and resources for new parents and parents-to-be, including parenting classes in Arizona.