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Rehab Therapies

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapists focus on functional mobility training, gait/assistive device training, seating/positioning, tone management, therapeutic exercise to enhance strength and ROM, pain management, balance and neuromuscular re-education to assist with restoration of function and prevent disability.

physical therapy

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists work on returning patients to daily life through occupation. This includes the physical and cognitive skills to engage in activities in the environment and resume life roles of prior self-care, productivity and leisure. They address neuromuscular recovery, vision, visual perceptual issues, positioning, splinting, sensation, tone management, adaptive equipment use, range of motion (ROM) and strengthening in attempt to everyday life as needed.

occupational therapy

Speech Therapy

Speech Language Pathologists assess and treat swallowing, cognitive issues and communication skills, including understanding (receptive) and using (expressive) language skills, swallow assessment and intervention, clarity of speech, and alternate communication methods.

speech therapy