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Spiritual Care

Feeding our spirit is as vital as feeding our bodies. At St. Mary's Medical Center, we embrace the spiritual dimension of life as a key ingredient of our health and wellbeing, and are dedicated to providing spiritual care services to you and your family.

Spiritual care encompasses the full range of spiritual services integrated with patient care. At St. Mary's, our chaplains are available to help you and your family draw upon your religious traditions, faith or sense of life purpose when facing crisis situations. Spiritual care givers may also be called upon to assist with issues of fear, loneliness or hopelessness. You or your loved ones can call a chaplain when desiring emotional and spiritual support during the treatment process, or when you have a particular spiritual or religious concern.

Our chaplains bring comfort and compassion and promote healing as they accompany you and your family in their journey through illness, and at times, through death. 

Learn More About St. Mary’s Spiritual Care Services

For more information about our Spiritual Care Services or our chaplains, please call (415) 750-5718