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You Have Specific Health Care Needs

Dignity Health knows you deserve personalized care that fits your needs and lifestyle, and we want to help you achieve your health care goals.


Women's Health

The Sister Diane Grassilli Center for Women's Health is the hub for all women's health services at St. Mary's. Opened in November 2012, the facility offers comprehensive screening and diagnostic women's health services in one location, and with a streamlined approach. We offer state-of-the-art technology with highly trained professionals while providing personalized, convenient and efficient service to our patients.

Services We Offer

The St. Mary’s Center for Women’s Health provides unparalleled convenience for both our patients and our doctors with centralized services and rapid interpretation and reporting of results. We look forward to serving you.

  • Computer-assisted digital mammography, Computer-assisted digital mammography, Tomosynthesis and stereotactic biopsy and stereotactic biopsy
  • Whole breast ultrasound and ultrasound guided breast biopsy
  • Schedule your mammogram online
  • MRI-guided biopsy
  • Bone density testing
  • Laboratory drawing stations
  • Pelvic ultrasounds performed by highly trained and compassionate professionals
  • Bladder control diagnostic and therapeutics

To Schedule A Mammogram Online

St. Mary’s allows you to schedule your mammogram appointment online in just a couple of minutes. Learn More

Breast Imaging Center

St. Mary’s Medical Center offers the most comprehensive breast imaging services found anywhere in San Francisco. We have been designated as a Center of Excellence by the American College of Radiology, a recognition that represents the national gold standard. Learn More

How Often Should I Get a Mammogram?

With the conflicting guidelines regarding how often women should get a mammogram, it can be confusing knowing what to believe. To help support you, the medical experts at the Sister Diane Grassilli Center for Women's Health at St. Mary's want to be clear with our three important mammogram recommendations.

1) Talk with your physician
An appropriate screening schedule should be determined collaboratively between you and your physician.

2) Consider annual mammograms
St. Mary’s experts encourage you to get an annual mammogram, because adhering to this schedule increases the chances of early detection, which lead to better cosmetic outcomes and survivorship.
3) Screening guide
All mammogram recommendations should be considered a guide to your screening decision. But they are not meant to be a one-size-fits-all rule.

St. Mary’s Center for Women’s Health has all the technological capabilities to meet your needs. Our advanced technologies result in greater accuracy — even for patients with dense breast tissue — which means fewer follow-up visits or false positives.

Sister Diane Grassilli Center For Women's Health

The St. Mary’s Center for Women’s Health is named for Sister Diane Grassilli, a significant figure in what was then Catholic Healthcare West (now Dignity Health) before her untimely passing in 2006. Sister Diane embodies a sense of humankindness that inspired the community to bring the Center for Women’s Health to life. Learn More


St. Mary’s Medical Center offers the most comprehensive breast imaging capabilities found in San Francisco and is proud to offer mammogram screenings utilizing next-generation tomosynthesis (3D mammography) technology. Learn More

To Schedule An Appointment By Phone

To schedule a mammogram appointment by phone, or to contact our Center, please call (415) 750-HERS our fax number is (415) 750-4378. We are located on the St. Mary's campus at 1 Shrader Street in Suite 490.


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