Why Choose Us?

We emphasize an individualized, collaborative approach to rehabilitation and strongly believe this is the way for you to achieve the best possible outcomes.

What Makes Us Unique

Among the reasons you should feel comfortable choosing St. Mary’s Acute Rehabilitation Center:

  • We are a Certified Stroke Center
  • We’ve been named a Top 100 Hospital for Stroke Care
  • Our close knit team facilitates collaborative interaction as we work toward reaching your goals.
  • We provide a home-like environment and treat you as a member of our family.
  • Our certified therapists are all highly trained and have the most advanced certifications.
  • We specialize in advanced recovery techniques to help achieve positive outcomes.
  • We have two patient gymnasiums.
  • Home evaluations are available for patients returning to a home environment.
  • Patients with similar conditions engage in focused therapeutic groups, which help build a sense of community and the ability to learn from shared experience.

Engaging, Effective Treatment Techniques

St. Mary’s Acute Rehabilitation is a leader in establishing engaging therapy techniques to allow for positive outcomes. One of these techniques, Video Game Therapy, has been chronicled by San Francisco TV station KPIX-5 for being particularly innovative (video courtesy KPIX 5 News).