Your Care Team


After arrival to St. Mary’s Acute Rehabilitation Center, you will be assigned to a team of rehabilitation professionals with the select skills to meet your individual needs. Your Rehab Team consists of:

  • Medical Director


  • Neuropsychologist


  • Physical therapists


  • Occupational therapists


  • Speech therapists


Medical Director

Marc Wakasa, MD

Dr. Marc Wakasa oversees all medical rehabilitation care and takes the lead role in coordinating and ensuring maximum therapeutic recovery. He will assess and reassess you medically and functionally throughout their stay and facilitates the individualized care given by the multiple physicians, therapists, nurses, neuropsychologist and case manager who make up the team. Dr. Wakasa prides himself in his rehabilitation medicine expertise, warmth, accessibility, and leadership. He has a direct phone line reserved for you and your family members and encourages discussion about questions or concerns before, during, and after the your stay.


Kevin Carroll, Ph.D.

Dr. Kevin Carroll is a clinical neuropsychologist and an expert in brain-behavior relationships. He assesses these issues and provides emotional and behavioral support to you, your family and caregivers. Since coming to St. Mary’s, Dr. Carroll has been instrumental in the research and development of virtual reality games that facilitate neuro-rehabilitation. He is currently collaborating with the University of San Francisco’s Computer Science Program and has developed two video games utilizing torso movements to assist with the awareness of body in space.

Physical Therapists

Justine Chan, PT
Van Dang, PT
Gaylord Gandingco, PT
Dana Harnik, PT
Bill Naylor, PT

Occupational Therapists

Brian Bonham, OT
Jun Faraon, OT
Lilly Whitten, OT
Erica Zito, OT

Speech Therapists

Katey Felling, SLP
Dorothy Lizak, SLP