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Patient Nurse Navigator

Having someone who can help you through your cancer – from diagnosis through treatment – is important. At the St. Mary’s Cancer Center, our Patient Nurse Navigator is available to focus on you, answering any questions and providing the support you need.

Our Nurse Navigator is here to help you manage side-effects from your cancer treatment, provide you with community cancer resources and guide you through complex appointments and issues that may arise during your treatment. The Cancer Nurse Navigator will assist you throughout your cancer journey.

Our Patient Nurse Navigator

The Patient Nurse Navigator at St. Mary’s:

  • ŸIs specially trained in cancer care and is your personal coordinator and guide during diagnosis, treatment and recovery
  • ŸIs here to help you with every aspect of your care whether you are at home or in the hospital
  • ŸListens and coaches you through important decisions
  • ŸTeaches patients and family members to recognize and manage the side effects of cancer treatment
  • ŸIs available for patient and families with questions or problems
  • ŸProvides educational and community resources
  • ŸHelps you and your family understand your diagnosis plan of care in greater detail

Learn More About Our Patient Nurse Navigator

For more information about St. Mary’s Patient Nurse Navigator, please call 855.CANCER.0 (855.226.2370)