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Nuclear Medicine

The Nuclear Medicine Department at St. Mary’s performs diagnostic intervention by administering tracer amounts of radioactive material to then look at the amount of radioactive material present in your heart in order to help diagnose heart disease.

Nuclear imaging is used by cardiologists to help diagnose coronary artery disease. It is also used by oncologists to diagnosis metastatic disease, by orthopedists to diagnosis fractures and osteomyelitis.

The Nuclear Medicine Department also provides therapeutic intervention using small doses of radioactive material. Before a test is performed, a nuclear medicine doctor will talk to you about radiation and its safety before the dose is administered and follows up with your referring doctor. 

The Nuclear Medicine Department at St. Mary’s Medical Center offers a full-range of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. These procedures consist of planar, dynamic, whole body and SPECT imaging. 

Learn More About Nuclear Medicine At St. Mary’s Medical Center

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