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Taking Good Care

If you're at risk for developing diabetes, or if you're living with the disease, we can help you making healthier choices. Call our Diabetes Services at (415) 750-5513.


Diabetes Services

Diabetes Services at St. Mary's is a certified diabetes self-management education program recognized by the American Diabetes Association. We offer group classes and private appointments to meet the needs of all people with diabetes. Your team may include a diabetes nurse educator, a dietitian and a physician specializing in diabetes.

Our Program

St. Mary’s Diabetes Services provide interpreters who speak Chinese, Vietnamese, Spanish, and Cambodian. Interpretation for other languages is also available. In our program, you will learn:

  • How to control your blood sugar
  • Role of medications, diet and exercise
  • How to use blood glucose testing equipment
  • Insulin injection techniques
  • How to shop and cook for a healthy diet
  • How to prevent complications
  • If you are newly diagnosed
  • If you have questions about diabetes
  • If you are changing treatments
  • If you have a family history of diabetes
  • If you care for someone with diabetes

Weekly Classes

St. Mary’s Medical Center is the only hospital in San Francisco that offers free weekly classes and has an outpatient education program accredited by the American Diabetes Association. Ask your doctor for a referral to see one of our diabetes educators if you need support or want more information about the management of your diabetes care.

Learn More

To learn more about our Diabetes Services, please call us at (415) 750-5513.