Gastroenterology Services

St. Mary’s Gastroenterology (GI) Services have been recognized by several organizations as being among the nation’s best. Our advanced GI Suite has the latest model endoscopes to view a patient's gastrointestinal tract by minimally invasive means. Our staff includes board certified gastroenterologists and registered nurses certified in conscious sedation.

What Our Program Offers

Our GI doctors perform a variety of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures including:

  • Gastroscopy - Examines the upper portion of the GI tract. A thin tube (gastroscope) is inserted in the patient’s mouth to examine the upper portion of their gastrointestinal tract. Patients may be sedated during this procedure.

  • Colonoscopy - Examines the lower portion of the GI tract. Usually for adults over 50 or those with a family history of polyps or colon cancer. Polyps may be removed (polypectomy) during the procedure.

  • Flexible sigmoidoscopy - Used to check the lower portion of the rectum and colon.

  • Endoscopic retrograde cholangiography (ERCP) - Used to diagnose and treat gallstones through an endoscope. Uses X-rays to treat gallstones  non-invasively manner.

Learn More About Us

To learn more about our Gastroenterology Services, please call us at (415) 750-4818.