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Act F.A.S.T.

Stroke is the third-leading cause of death in the U.S. The American Heart Association estimates that about 780,000 strokes occur each year. If you suspect a stroke, act F.A.S.T.


Stroke Center

At St. Mary's Medical Center, we are equipped and qualified to treat all stroke patients. St. Mary's is certified by The Joint Commission as a Primary Stroke Center. We are committed to improving outcomes for stroke patients by providing efficient, timely and comprehensive care. We use interventions based on scientific evidence.

Treating You Quickly

When you have a stroke, we understand the importance of treating you quickly. When you first arrive at our Emergency Room or, if you are already a patient in the hospital and you exhibit signs or symptoms of a stroke, our doctors or critical care nurses will activate “Code Stroke.” Your treatment will start immediately.

We also have a comprehensive stroke rehabilitation program, with specialized doctors, nurses, and physical, occupational and speech therapists – all dedicated to working with and help you recover.

Remember, stroke is a medical emergency and the first three hours are critical. If you or a family member exhibit any one of the following signs or symptoms, call 911 immediately and ask to be taken to the nearest Stroke Center.

Know The Signs

When you or someone you loves suffers a stroke, recognizing the first warning signs and getting expert medical help quickly is critical to maximizing your chances of survival and rehabilitation. Response time can make the difference between recovering from a stroke and having to endure long-term disabilities.


Face – Does one side of the face droop? Ask person to smile.

Arm – Does one arm drift downward? Ask person to raise both arms.

Speech – Are words slurred? Ask person to repeat a phrase

Time – If they show any symptoms, call 911 immediately.

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If you would like more information about St. Mary’s Stroke Center, please call us at (415) 750-5974.