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Access Your Medical Records with Our Patient Portals

Dignity Health is committed to providing the tools you need to better manage your health. Our patient portals provide secure online access to your medical information. Log in to view your personal health records, clinical summaries, and test results, as well as instructions and education specific to your care. You can also send visit summaries to your doctors and view upcoming appointments.

During your visit with us, we’ll send you an email invitation to the patient portal. If you do not receive one, please contact the facility you visit. This web based tool may be in addition to online patient access offered by a different hospital or doctor’s office.

Hospital patients who have already signed up:

If you’re a Mark Twain Medical Center hospital patient and have enrolled in the portal, please access your information here

For those who are visually impaired, please click here.

Clinic patients who have already signed up:

If you’re a Mark Twain Medical Center clinic patient, and would like to access your records from PRIOR to July 23, 2019, please click here

If you’re a Mark Twain Medical Center clinic patient, and would like to access your records starting on July 23, 2019 OR AFTER, please click here.

Additional Links

If you’d like to access records from our other Dignity Health portals , please click here to select the facility you visit.

If you’re enrolled in our portals, you also have the ability to connect to certain health management apps and download your personal health information. To learn more, click here.  

Questions? We have answers.

Our portals are online access points for your medical records. You can log in and view your records and other information, as well as communicate with your care team. Within your portal account, you can view:

  • Summaries of your electronic health record
  • Lab performed at Dignity Health Hospitals
  • Lists of current health issues, medications, and allergies
  • Guidance specific to your care
  • Education health content
  • Upcoming clinic appointments

At your next visit, tell the staff you would like to have a portal account. The staff will request your email address, and they may have you fill out a consent form. You will receive an invitation with a link to sign up. Just click on the link and follow the instructions to complete your enrollment.

Children under 12 years of age and dependent adults who have a Dignity Health doctor may have a portal account with an adult as the authorized representative. Accounts are not available for adolescents 12 to 17 years of age. Dependent adults must sign a release form, or you will need to provide a copy of the medical “durable power of attorney” before an account can be created.

Only you have access to your portal account. If you would like someone to have access to your records to help manage your care, you can sign a release form to authorize a trusted relative to be set up as your representative. This access can be ended at any time by calling the support center and notifying the facility you visit.

The enrollment link expires 90 days from the day it is sent. If you are not able to find your invitation or it expired, you may request a new invitation from the staff at your hospital or clinic.

If you need help locating the invitation, signing up, or navigating within a portal, please call our technical support center:

  • For Mark Twain Medical Center hospital services, and clinic records prior to July 23, 2019: (844) 200-0109


  • For Mark Twain Medical Center Clinic services beginning July 23, 2019: (844) 274-8497