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Breathe Easy

Our team approach to pulmonary rehabilitation will help you get active again.


Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Pulmonary Rehabilitation is a team-based program of evaluation, care, treatment and management of your breathing difficulties.

Meeting The Breathing Challenge

You may be short of breath because of Asthma, Emphysema, Bronchitis, or Bronchiectasis. Your ability to breath freely becomes a personal health challenge that can be met successfully through rehabilitation and adapting to new lifestyle behaviors which help restore a quality life.

Team-Based Approach

The strength of our approach is the teamwork of hospital staff from Respiratory Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Social Services and the Pharmacy, who together design an individualized program based on your specific needs.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation Objectives

  • Increasing your activity level through exercise while decreasing shortness of breath
  • Instruction on the proper upkeep and usage of your prescribed breathing devices
  • Techniques to better care for yourself at home
  • Assisting your physician on monitoring your progress

Better Lifestyle Choices

Pulmonary Rehabilitation program graduates typically have:

  • Significant reduction in future hospitalization time as well as measurable improvement in activity levels
  • Decreased periods of depression and better communication with family members
  • Improved ability to cope with daily life stresses associated with recurring breathing problems such as Asthma, Emphysema, Bronchitis, and Bronchiectasis
  • Improved quality of life, high level of physical well being, minimized or reversed episodes of shortness of breath, and fewer/shorter future hospital visits

Learn More

A physician referral is needed to enter the program, and it is approved by a variety of private insurance plans and Medicare. To schedule an appointment, please call (209) 754-2643.

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