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Bringing Our Doctors to You.

Dignity Health telehealth services bring specialists to your bedside.


Telehealth Services

Telehealth uses a two-way video link and computer to put outstanding specialists at the bedside of Mark Twain Medical Center patients.

Telehealth Brings Outstanding Specialists To Our Patients

Telehealth allows your healthcare team to consult with a highly trained specialist in Sacramento, so that you get the most up-to-date treatments. You will still have a hospitalist at Mark Twain Medical Center that will provide your care everyday.

  • Our equipment has a two-way video link and computers to put outstanding specialists at the bedside of Mark Twain Medical Center patients. 
  • Telehealth allows prompt stroke diagnosis and treatment without having to leave the hospital. With a stroke, every second counts. Stroke patients can be diagnosed and the appropriate medicine administered to minimize the effect of the stroke.
  • For our ICU patients, Telehealth sessions can help provide prompt and accurate evaluation of conditions.

Telehealth stroke physician on computer screen observes patient being examined by Dr. Randy Smart, 
Medical Director of the Intensive Care Unit at Mark Twain Medical Center.


How Does Telehealth Work?

Telehealth information is used by the ICU staff and shared with family to respond to changes in a patient’s condition quickly and effectively, and is noted in the patient’s chart.

Patient consent is required. When a patient is admitted the consent for Telehealth treatment was signed during the registration process. However, all ICU Telehealth patients will be asked by their nurse to consent verbally at the time of notification to utilize Telehealth Services.

  • There is no cost to the patient.
  • All patient privacy laws apply.
  • The patient’s family can be present during the Telehealth session.
  • No images or audio of the session will be recorded.
  • Patients can stop their Telehealth sessions at any time.

Learn More

To find a doctor affiliated with Mark Twain Medical Center, please call (209) 754-2968.