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Amputation Prevention

At Bakersfield Memorial, we know saving your limb can mean saving your life. You have an increased risk for amputation if you have a diabetic foot ulcer and/or Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD ). Don’t wait to get a team of specialists involved. We treat all stages of disease, but our best chance of success is when you see us as soon as you notice a problem.

Every 20 seconds, somewhere in the world, a limb is lost as a consequence of diabetes. Diabetes is a chronic disease impacting nearly 10 percent of the population and 25 percent of all seniors in the United States. Diabetes causes many complications, including poor blood supply to the extremities, a loss of sensation to the extremities, a weakened immune system, and increased risk of ulcers and infection. All of these factors combine contribute to the high risk of amputations among diabetics. Over the last 15 years, the U.S. rate of diabetic foot amputations has soared to nearly 100,000 annually.

Amputation Statistics

  • Twenty- five percent of people with diabetes will develop an ulcer in their lifetime 
  • Fifty percent of patients will have their other limb amputated within 2 years after a major amputation 
  • Half of all foot ulcers will become infected, requiring hospitalization
  • One in five will require an amputation 
  • More than 60 percent of non-traumatic amputations in the U.S. are performed on patients with diabetes 
  • The amputation rate is 10 times higher for those with diabetes than without 
  • Recurrence rates of diabetic foot ulcers are high, ranging from 20-80 percent

According the World Health Organization, up to 85 percent of amputations are preventable.

Amputation Prevention

Amputation Prevention is a philosophy and practice that centers on the collaboration between podiatrists and vascular surgeons. When both specialties are under the same roof, you can be assessed more quickly, avoiding long wait times between specialist visits.

The vascular and podiatric surgeons at Bakersfield Memorial Hospital are supported by a broad array of other related specialists from plastic surgery, cardiology, radiology, and rehabilitative medicine.

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