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PFCC Councils and Ambassadors - Volunteers

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Patient and Family Centered Care Advisory Council

Patient and Family Centered Care Advisory Councils are made up of patients, family members, and health care providers who have received or provided care at our hospital. Our Councils include people with diverse backgrounds in an effort to fully represent a large variety of health care issues, diagnoses, and cultures of our patients.

The Advisory Council is an approach to health care that emphasizes collaboration among patients, families and health care providers.

  • Promoting respectful and effective partnerships
  • Strengthening communication and collaboration
  • Promoting patient and family advocacy and involvement
  • Acting as a venue to provide input into policies, programs, and services

Patient and Family Centered Care Advisory Council Members make a two year commitment and meet at least nine times a year.  Applications are reviewed and an informal interview scheduled.

Start Making A Difference Today  

Learn more about Patient and Family Centered Care Councils at Memorial Hospital. Please call (661) 327-4647.

Patient and Family Centered Care Ambassadors

Volunteers give love every time they touch the lives of patients, guests, and employees at Memorial Hospital. As essential members of the healthcare team, they assist the hospital’s professional staff by serving as non-clinical caregivers and patient liaisons. The kindness and concern shown is especially comforting to patients and their loved ones. Volunteers have a chance to learn new skills, develop new interests, make new friends, grow in understanding, and most of all, they have a chance to enjoy the satisfaction that comes from helping others.

Our volunteer opportunities include:

  • Cuddler Program
  • Emergency Department
  • ICU Information Desk
  • Infusion Center at Comprehensive Blood and Cancer Center
  • Pediatrics

For more information about being a Patient and Family Centered Care Ambassador, please call (661) 327-4647.