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Therapy Volunteer Programs

From canine companions to offering comfort to babies, at Memorial there is a place for everyone.

Dog Therapy

At Memorial Hospital, therapy dogs are a welcome addition to patient care and recovery. These four legged volunteers come in a variety of sizes, colors and breeds but they all have one thing in common: canine compassionate healing power.

Our therapy dogs are highly trained and certified by Therapy Dogs International, a non-profit group that oversees regulation, testing and registration of therapy dogs in the United States and Canada. This program is rewarding for both dogs and their owners and is an important part of our Patient and Family Centered Care Program.

To learn more about our Pet Therapy Program, please call (661) 327-4647.

Cuddler Program

If you enjoy rocking, soothing and comforting infants and children, you might like to participate in our Volunteer Cuddler Program at Memorial Hospital. Cuddlers provide therapeutic talk and touch to infants and children when family members can't be there or need a break. In collaboration with the nursing staff, Cuddlers simply hold, read or quietly sing to infants and children in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit), PICU (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit), Pediatric and Family Care Units.