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Finding Raynaud’s Disease Treatment in Central California

Raynaud’s disease causes spasms in your blood vessels that prevent the normal flow of blood to your fingers or toes. With Raynaud’s, your digits temporarily turn white and throb when exposed to cold or stress.

While the disorder does not have a cure, it can be managed with medication and lifestyle changes. Prevention of Raynaud’s disease — also called Raynaud’s disorder or Raynaud’s phenomenon — focuses on avoiding injuries and conditions (such as cold weather) that can trigger episodes.

If you are experiencing discomfort in your fingers or toes, Dignity Health Central California can help. Find a Doctor to discuss your best options for Raynaud's disease treatment in Central California. You can rely on our experts to provide care with humankindness as we determine the right treatment for you.


Raynaud’s Disease Treatment at Dignity Health Central California

The severity of your condition will influence the type of care you receive. Your doctor will likely recommend some simple lifestyle changes at first. If you experience frequent attacks, or develop sores on your fingers or toes, medications can be prescribed to help manage your symptoms.

Some common treatments for Raynaud’s disease include:

  • Wearing gloves to protect yourself from cold temperatures
  • Medications aimed at promoting better blood flow to your fingers and toes
  • Avoiding medicines, such as migraine headache drugs, that restrict blood flow
  • Quitting smoking (smoking narrows blood vessels and restricts blood flow)
  • Relaxation techniques to help avoid stress-related episodes of Raynaud’s
  • Regular exercise to promote better blood flow
  • Caring for your feet and skin to prevent infections, sores, and ulcers

Surgery is rarely used to treat Raynaud’s disease.


How to Prevent Raynaud’s Disease?

There are two different types of Raynaud’s disease — “primary” and “secondary.” The cause of primary Raynaud’s is unknown, so there are no prevention strategies. 

You can, however, take action to protect yourself from secondary Raynaud’s, which is caused by an injury or an underlying health condition. Some general strategies include:

  • Quitting smoking.
  • Avoiding exposure to, or wearing protective gear when handling, industrial chemicals.
  • Not engaging in repetitive motion activities, such as typing.
  • Discussing with your doctor your use of over-the-counter medications. Some medicines can constrict your blood vessels and cause an attack of Raynaud’s. 

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