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Skilled Care for Dystonia in Central California

People with dystonia experience involuntary muscle contractions. There are several types of dystonia. Generalized dystonia affects muscles in many areas of the body, whereas focal dystonia affects a single muscle group, such as eyelid muscles. Cervical dystonia of the neck muscles is a common form of focal dystonia. 

If you have symptoms of dystonia or another movement disorder, an experienced neurologist at Dignity Health Central California can help. We offer skilled neurological care for dystonia in Central California at the following hospitals: 

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Symptoms & Diagnosis of Dystonia in Central California

People with dystonia experience involuntary movements, such as a muscle twitch or tremor. Dystonia symptoms vary the specific type, muscle group(s) affected, and age of onset. In some cases, dystonia affects only a single activity using the same muscle group, such as tremor when grasping a fork but not a glass. Symptoms tend to worsen after physical activity or with fatigue.


What Causes Dystonia?

Experts know that the involuntary movements, like dystonic tremor, are from abnormal communication between nerve cells in the brain and nerves that control muscles and body movement. Changes in levels of brain chemicals called neurotransmitters may be a factor in this faulty communication pattern.

Brain damage, such as from head injury or stroke, can cause dystonia, but the cause is not known in most cases. Some forms are inherited. Dystonia can also be a sign of other conditions, such as Parkinson’s disease.


Treating Dystonia at Dignity Health Central California

Your doctor considers your symptoms, medical history, and test results to diagnose dystonia and determine the underlying cause if possible. After diagnosis, you can learn more about your condition and treatment options with the best chance of success. 

Dystonia treatments include medications to reduce muscle spasms, physical therapy, and occupational therapy. Deep brain stimulation is an effective neurosurgical treatment for some dystonias.

Neurologists, neurosurgeons, and other providers work as a team at Dignity Health Central California to develop best-practice treatments for dystonias and related movement disorders.

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Dignity Health Central California delivers personalized care for dystonia in Bakersfield,  and Stockton, CA.

Skilled Care for Dystonia in Central California