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Diagnostic Testing for Parkinson’s Disease Symptoms in Central California

Some symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, especially in the early stages, are common to other movement disorders, such as dystonia and multiple sclerosis. When you seek care for Parkinson’s disease symptoms in Central California, you need a skilled neurologist to evaluate your symptoms and rule out similar but distinct causes. 

Experienced neurologists and other specialists at Dignity Health Central California provide advanced neurological care for symptoms of Parkinson’s and other neurological disorders at our Bakersfield locations: 

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Signs & Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease

The loss of dopamine-producing cells and other changes in the brain cause the characteristic uncontrolled and uncoordinated movements in people with Parkinson’s. Early signs of Parkinson’s, such as tremor and shaking may be very mild and affect only one part or side of the body.

As the disease progresses, you may experience: 

  • Abnormal gait, or how you walk
  • Muscle rigidity in the arms, legs, or trunk
  • Poor balance and coordination
  • Pronounced tremor in facial muscles and those of your extremities, including shaking hands, arms, legs or feet
  • Slow movement
  • Voice tremor


Diagnosing Parkinson’s Disease at Dignity Health Central California

Despite advances in neurological research, there is no specific test for Parkinson’s disease diagnosis. In addition to a complete neurological exam, your doctor’s clinical expertise and neurological tests help rule out other conditions and causes of Parkinson’s symptoms. These detailed tests allow your doctor to refine the diagnosis. 

At Dignity Health Central California, your doctor has access to high-resolution brain and nervous system imaging. A recently approved scan called DaTscan can differentiate Parkinson’s disease from essential tremor — a common movement problem marked by hand tremors. 

Your doctor may also prescribe medication for your symptoms before confirming the diagnosis. That practice can help distinguish Parkinson’s from Parkinsonism, a group of conditions with symptoms similar to Parkinson’s but that do not respond to traditional Parkinson’s disease medication.

Contact us to receive an accurate diagnosis and begin treatment for Parkinson’s disease symptoms in Central California.

Dignity Health Central California provides expert neurological care for people with Parkinson’s disease symptoms in Bakersfield, and Stockton, CA.