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Healing Arm Conditions in Central California

Arm injuries include a variety of orthopedic conditions from sprains and breaks to golfer’s elbow. You don’t need to swing a tennis racket or golf club to experience the pain of an arm condition.

Using a philosophy of care, dignity, and respect, your Dignity Health Central California doctor can provide an arm injury diagnosis. Learn more about common arm injuries symptoms and arm pain. Find a Doctor for quality treatment with humankindness for arm injuries in Central California.


Treating Common Arm Injuries at Dignity Health Central California

An arm injury diagnosis is the first step to relieving discomfort. Your doctor will talk to you about any arm injury symptoms to better understand your condition. Pain in your bone or muscle, along with stiffness or weakness, may indicate an arm condition.

If you have arm injury symptoms, your doctor will determine if one of these common arm conditions and injuries may be the cause:

Our orthopedic doctors will work with you to determine the best treatment for you. Our goal is to relieve your arm pain and provide healing for your body, mind, and spirit.


Say Goodbye to Arm Pain

Your medical history, risk factors, and specific arm condition symptoms will help your doctor plan treatment and prevention strategies. Rest, ice, and anti-inflammatory medicines can help relieve arm pain. Physical therapy also can aid healing and help prevent injuries in the future.

Depending on the bone involved, your arm may be put in a cast or splint. Your doctor also may suggest corticosteroid shots or orthopedic surgery

If you would like to get back to an active lifestyle without the pain of an arm condition, contact Dignity Health Central California orthopedic services.

Dignity Health Central California’s orthopedic doctors provide exceptional care with for arm pain in Bakersfield, Merced, San Andreas, and Stockton, CA.

Healing Arm Conditions in Central California