Award-Winning Treatment for Heart Attack in the Central Coast

Unlike the dramatic heart attack scenes in the movies, real heart attack symptoms can occur gradually or suddenly. Nausea, cold sweats, and chest discomfort all can signal this serious cardiovascular condition. Heart attack in women presents even greater risks since the signs can be subtle.

If you or a loved one have signs of a heart attack, call 911 or get emergency care at Dignity Health Central Coast. Treating heart attack throughout the Central Coast of California, we specialize in heart care at our local hospitals:

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Warning Signs of a Heart Attack

A heart attack occurs when a blockage interrupts blood flow to your heart. This life-threatening cardiovascular condition can result in permanent heart damage.

Watch for any of these heart attack symptoms and call 911 or seek immediate medical attention:

  • Fullness, burning, squeezing, or pressure in your chest
  • Chest discomfort that moves to your arms, back, shoulders, jaw, or abdomen
  • Cold sweats
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness

Women should watch for more discreet signs, such as nausea or fatigue that occurs with chest pain. Trust your instincts when it comes to heart attack. If you don’t feel quite right, get immediate care. Getting treatment early can save your life.

Diagnosing & Treating Heart Attack Causes with Compassion at Dignity Health Central Coast

If you’re heart does not get enough oxygen and nutrients, your heart muscle can start to die. As a result, a heart attack can occur over a period of time or without notice.

Several conditions can lead to a heart attack, including:

  • A coronary artery spasm that narrows your artery, slowing or blocking blood
  • Plaque buildup and blood clots in the coronary arteries, the most common causes of a heart attack
  • Spontaneous coronary artery dissection, a sudden tear in your coronary artery, where blood becomes trapped and blocks blood flow to your heart

Your doctor will order several tests to carefully diagnose your heart condition. A chest X-ray, blood tests, electrocardiogram, coronary angiography, and echocardiogram can help identify heart attack causes.

In partnership with you, your Dignity Health Central Coast heart doctor will create your personalized treatment plan that considers your physical, mental, and spiritual needs.

If you are concerned about your heart health or have experienced a heart attack, schedule an appointment with an award-winning heart doctor at Dignity Health today.

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