Diagnosing Cardiovascular Conditions on the Central Coast

Cardiovascular conditions cover a range of diseases affecting the heart. At Dignity Health Central Coast, we offer award-winning cardiac care delivered by teams of heart care specialists, such as cardiothoracic and vascular surgeons, interventional cardiologists, and other skilled health care professionals. 

Take charge of your heart health. Find a Doctor to prevent a cardiovascular condition on California’s Central Coast.

Recognizing the Symptoms of Cardiovascular Disease

The vascular system circulates all the blood in your body and includes the tiniest capillaries to the major blood vessels — veins and arteries — entering and leaving your heart. Cardiovascular symptoms can affect how well your heart works and pumps blood throughout your body.

If you experience any of the following symptoms associated with heart problems, call 911 immediately: 

  • Chest pain
  • Shortness of breath
  • Weakness
  • Dizziness
  • Fainting
  • Edema (swelling)
  • Palpitations or a feeling of fluttering in the chest

Treatment for Cardiovascular Conditions at at Dignity Health Central Coast

Many heart problems fall under the category of cardiovascular conditions. The most well known among these include:

Your doctor may consider a variety of treatments for cardiovascular disease, including medications, minimally invasive procedures, heart valve surgery, and cardiac rehabilitation. 

You can find quality cardiovascular services at these hospitals: 

At Dignity Health Central Coast, we want you to live your best life now. Maintaining a heart-healthy lifestyle can help prevent and treat many cardiovascular conditions. For more information about eating well, maintaining your weight, reducing or managing stress, quitting smoking, and exercising regularly, meet with one of our experienced providers.

Dignity Health offers comprehensive, personalized treatment for cardiovascular conditions on the Central Coast of California.