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Every heart has a story

That big career move. Your son saying “I do.” These moments define your life’s story, and a healthy heart makes it all possible. 

At Dignity Health Central Coast, we put our heart into healing yours, combining advanced cardiac services with a personalized level of care and compassion. Whether it’s a routine screening or serious heart concern, we are committed to helping you write your next chapter. 

Your heart is in good hands

Not all hospitals have the equipment, facilities, and other resources needed to treat severe heart attacks. The  STEMI (ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarctions) Receiving Center designation recognizes hospitals that:

  • Maintain a communication system with EMS agencies to identify heart attacks before the patient arrives at the hospital
  • Can administer percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI), the preferred means of treating patients experiencing a heart attack, within the national standard for “door-to-balloon” time

This critical care system links prehospital and in-hospital care to deliver treatment to STEMI patients who potentially require immediate intervention.

These suites bring the high-definition imaging capabilities of a cardiac catheterization lab together with the advanced surgical equipment of a cardiac operating room in one space. This allows advanced diagnostic imaging and surgical procedures to be performed simultaneously. And, if the situation arises, a minimally invasive procedure can quickly be converted into a traditional surgical procedure without having to move the patient, saving precious time.

By merging these capabilities into one room, surgical procedures that used to require two or more hospital visits can now be performed during a single use of anesthesia, reducing the physical and emotional stress placed on patients and their families.

Our commitment to quality care and patient safety is reflected in the recognition French Hospital Medical Center and Marian Regional Medical Center have received from industry-leading organizations like Healthgrades, The Leapfrog Group, and many others.

French Hospital Medical Center and Marian Regional Medical Center are home to state-of-the-art tools for the diagnosis of cardiac problem, and offer the most advanced therapies as well as interventional and surgical procedures to treat them.  

Some examples of the advanced cardiac technologies available include:

  • Micra Transcatheter Pacing System—the world’s smallest pacemaker
  • Watchman Device— an implant that offers an alternative to taking blood thinners for those with Afib 
  • Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR)—minimally invasive valve replacement

Heart health

The cardiac rehabilitation programs at French Hospital Medical Center and Marian Regional Medical Center combine monitored exercise, diet counseling, and health education to help patients learn heart-healthy habits. 

Coronary calcium scoring is a way to detect coronary artery disease in an early stage before symptoms arise using a computed tomography (CT) scan to detect the buildup of calcium on the walls of the arteries of the heart (coronary arteries). The presence of calcium indicates that there may be plaque in the coronary artery that can limit or block blood flow to the heart.  


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Conditions we treat

We diagnose and treat the full range of cardiovascular conditions using the most advanced tools and technology available today. Our approach to care also includes helping you manage your disease and maintain a heart healthy lifestyle.

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At risk for heart disease?

Heart disease comes in many forms and can affect people of any age, gender, or ethnicity. In fact, heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. The more you can learn about your heart health, the better. Knowledge is truly powerful medicine that helps you understand your risks and take action to lessen your potential for problems. It can lead to early detection, and most importantly, to early treatment and better outcomes.

Take this quick assessment to:

  • Understand symptoms, causes, and types of heart disease
  • Determine your risk factors for developing heart disease
  • Learn which lifestyle factors can increase or decrease your risk

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