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Understanding Aortic Valve Disease on the Central Coast

Our hearts have “gates” that open in one direction, allowing blood to flow out and circulate all through your body. Just as actual gates can get creaky and hard to open, your aortic valve, the one-way gate found in our hearts, can cause similar problems.

When your aortic valve narrows or stiffens, you can develop aortic valve disease. Since many who have this cardiovascular condition do not know it, see your Dignity Health Central Coast doctor to determine your risk factors.

Find a Doctor today to receive personalized care and aortic valve disease treatments on the Central Coast of California.


Identifying Symptoms of Aortic Valve Disease at Dignity Health Central Coast

Aortic valve disease often causes few symptoms or none at all. When symptoms are present, they can include chest pain or pressure, or the feeling of a pounding heart.

If you have aortic valve disease, your Dignity Health Central Coast doctor may detect a murmuring sound when listening to your heartbeat. Some people are born with this condition. For others, it happens as the result of aging, either through a weakening of the valve tissue or calcium deposits.

Hypertension, or high blood pressure, can also cause this condition. In other cases, infections of your valve, aortic stenosis, or congestive heart failure lead to the disease. 

No matter the cause, Dignity Health Central Coast’s heart centers are staffed by teams of heart specialists who treat your condition with genuine care, dignity, and respect.


Comprehensive Cardiac Care for Aortic Valve Disease

Your personalized treatment will depend on the type of of aortic valve disease diagnosed by your doctor.

Regurgitation occurs when your valve no longer closes properly and allows blood to flow backward. Treatments for this type of aortic valve disease usually include medications when the condition is mild and heart valve repair or replacement surgery for more advanced cases.

If you have aortic valve stenosis, your valve opening narrows because the tissue stiffens or thickens. Your doctor may recommend carefully watching your condition unless it becomes more serious. Then, surgery may be the best option.

While aortic valve disease can result normally as you age, there are preventive steps you can take for your heart health. Talk to your doctor about treatment for certain conditions like hypertension and high cholesterol. Exercise and a healthy diet also keep your heart beating strong. 

Contact Dignity Health Central Coast to learn more about prevention and treatment for aortic valve disease from one of our experts.

Dignity Health doctors provide comprehensive care for aortic valve disease throughout the Central Coast of California.