Quality Heart Valve Surgery on the Central Coast

When your heart valves harden or start to leak, you may need heart valve surgery so that your heart can fully function. Dignity Health Central Coast is a recognized leader in cardiac care and can help reduce common side effects of heart valve disease.

Our heart care specialists offer heart valve surgery options with humankindness. Find a Doctor today to learn more our personalized cardiovascular treatments, including heart valve surgery, throughout California’s Central Coast.


Understanding Types of Heart Valve Surgery at Dignity Health Central Coast

Many people don’t know they have a heart valve condition. If you have been diagnosed with a cardiovascular condition or experience heart valve-related symptoms, you may need heart valve surgery. 

Dignity Health Central Coast cardiovascular doctors perform these heart valve surgeries with personal care and expertise: 

Your heart surgeon will perform heart valve surgery at one of these Dignity Health Central Coast hospitals specializing in award-winning cardiovascular care:


Recovering from Heart Valve Surgery

You will be discharged from the hospital and spend the next two to eight weeks recovering from heart valve surgery. Your Dignity Health Central Coast cardiothoracic surgeon will outline your personalized treatment plan for activities, diet, and daily care.

Let your doctor know if you notice anything unusual after your discharge. Our heart center professionals care for your physical, mental, and spiritual needs and can help you fully recover.

Recognized as the leaders in cardiac care, Dignity Health’s team of heart specialists will help your heart pump stronger with heart valve surgery on the Central Coast of California.