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In order to assure that your needs as a patient are met, Mercy Mt. Shasta has a number of hospital-based doctors, or hospitalists, who support our medical staff.

Hospitalist don't have an office practice so they can devote their time to caring just for hospitalized patients. They're available to meet with you, your family and nursing staff and can serve as a point of contact to help coordinate care with your private doctor as well as anyone else involved in your care.

Just like your primary care doctor, hospitalists are training in general internal medicine, primary care and other specialties. He or she manages your care throughout your hospital stay, closely monitoring your progress.

Learn More About Hospitalists At Mercy Mt. Shasta

For more information, please call (530) 926-6111. To find a doctor, call (866) 473-6687 or use our online Find a Doctor search tool.