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Spiritual Care

At Mt. Shasta, spiritual and/or religious care is provided for patients and their families, regardless of faith, denomination or non-denomination.

“We believe.” A simple phrase with powerful meaning. Beliefs guide our actions, dictate our decisions, and keep us focused on our mission to advance our healing ministry. The extraordinary skill of our healthcare team and the sophisticated medical technology we provide allow us to perform hundreds of acts of caring every day. It’s our mission and our calling.

To support our patients, their family members and friends during a stay at the hospital, our clergy members, including chaplains and pastors, can visit and pray with you if you would like. We also offer non-denominational and spiritual care for those seeking it. Patients may also request visits by their own clergyperson.

A prayer is given every morning at 8 a.m. on overhead speakers throughout the facility, and a prayer box is available in our chapel for those special prayers you would like on behalf of a patient. We invite you to visit our Blessed Sacrament Chapel. This quiet setting offers a place of peace and contemplation, and is open at all times.

Our Spiritual Services staff is available for those seeking spiritual support, desiring prayer, needing sacramental ministry, preparing for surgery, welcoming new life, facing terminal illness, anticipating life changes, coping with illness or a new diagnosis, needing reconciliation within family, experiencing loneliness, emotional distress, grief, fear, and forgiveness issues.

Learn More About Spiritual Care At Mercy Medical Center Mt. Shasta

For more information, please call (530) 926-6111. To contact the Chaplaincy Department dial extension 323.