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Emergency Wound Care in Northern California

Wound care refers to medical treatment for serious wounds caused by injury, surgical wounds that need follow-up care, and nonhealing wounds that require ongoing treatment. Wound care is available at Dignity Health North State hospitals and wound care centers in Northern California. 

For life-threatening wounds or injuries, call 911 for the quickest medical attention. For all other wound care needs, use InQuicker to select your estimated arrival time to a Dignity Health North State emergency room (ER). Then, wait in the comfort of home until your appointment.

We offer emergency wound care at these locations:


What to Expect at an ER or Wound Care Center

When you visit an ER with a wound from an injury, experienced providers will evaluate your condition and provide prompt treatment, which may include first aid to stop any bleeding, cleaning and disinfecting it, and closing the wound if necessary. Your provider may recommend bandages, stitches, or surgery. 

Some wounds take a long time to heal, or may never heal. These are known as chronic wounds, and typically include foot ulcers, pressure sores, and sores from radiation exposure. If you have a wound that won’t heal, our wound care centers offer a range of therapies and treatments, including:

  • Debridement and dressings — removing dead tissue and bandaging the area to prevent infection
  • Compression therapy — improves blood flow and healing through special clothing
  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy — a chamber that controls atmospheric pressure to promote healing
  • Ultrasound — uses sound waves to improve healing
  • Artificial skin — acts like normal skin to cover the wound during healing

Treatment for wounds depends on the cause and severity. At Dignity Health North State, skilled ER doctors and wound care specialists focus on repairing injuries and preventing further damage.


When to Go to an ER at Dignity Health North State

You should visit your nearest ER for severe:

  • Burns
  • Trauma wounds
  • Skin ulcers that are infected
  • Cuts or lacerations
  • Venous stasis ulcers, which are leg or ankle wounds caused by poor circulation
  • Surgical wounds (that may need follow-up care)

Providers at Dignity Health North State offer high standards of clinical treatment delivered with humankindness for all types of wounds.

Doctors at Dignity Health North State can diagnose, treat, and manage wounds in Mt. Shasta, Red Bluff, and Redding, CA.