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Quality Care for Neck Sprain in Northern California

Ligaments are strong, flexible bands of connective tissue that connect your bones to each other. Your cervical spine is made up of the seven vertebral bones in your neck. When the ligaments that hold them together are stretched beyond their normal capacity, a neck sprain occurs. 

It’s important to see a doctor to diagnose of the severity of the sprain. If the sprain is severe, the ligament may be torn. At Dignity Health North State, our skilled orthopedic team and sports medicine doctors work together to provide expert diagnosis and treatment protocols for neck injuries with a focus on respect and humankindness. Find a Doctor today to learn more about our personal care for a neck sprain in Northern California.


Neck Sprain Symptoms

Signs and symptoms of neck sprain include:

  • Muscle spasms in the neck or shoulders
  • Neck pain that worsens with movement
  • Neck stiffness
  • Dizziness
  • Headaches

In some cases, you may experience symptoms in your hands and arms, including tingling, weakness, and numbness. Make an appointment with your doctor if your neck pain is ongoing, severe, or interfering with your daily activities. If you neck injury is due to trauma, see a doctor immediately.


Causes of Neck Sprain

Most cases of neck sprain are the result of some type of trauma, such as a fall or a high-speed car accident. Whiplash, for example, is a type of neck sprain caused by a forceful back and forth movement of the neck.


Neck Sprain Treatment at Dignity Health North State

If you have experienced an injury resulting in neck pain, professional medical care is necessary for a proper diagnosis. Your doctor will want to rule out more severe injuries, such as spinal (vertebrae) fractures. X-ray or other imaging tests may be necessary.

Neck sprains are treated with noninvasive methods, such as anti-inflammatory medicines, cold therapy, massage, and rest. Your doctor may suggest a soft neck collar to support the head and help relieve pressure on the ligaments. Most neck sprains heal in four to six weeks, however recovery times for severe neck sprains may be longer. At Dignity Health North State, we will be with you through the diagnosis, treatment, and recovery of your injury.

Skilled orthopedists at Dignity Health North State provide expert care for neck injuries, including neck sprain, in Mt. Shasta, Red Bluff, and Redding, CA.