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Repairing Injuries with Hand Surgery in Northern California

Orthopedic hand surgery refers to traditional and minimally invasive procedures used to treat problems affecting your hand, wrist, and forearm. These delicate structures are made up of bones, ligaments, tendons, joints, and soft tissues. Damage to one or more of these area can be caused by overuse, traumatic injury, deformity, infection, or amputation.

If you’ve experienced a recent hand injury or have chronic pain and disability from an ongoing hand or wrist condition, Dignity Health North State offers advanced treatment at our hand surgery centers in Northern California.

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Hand Surgery Procedures We Offer

Orthopedic hand surgeons at Dignity Health North State specialize in a range of treatments designed to restore function, flexibility, and full range of motion.

We offer the following types of hand surgery in Northern California:

  • Tendon surgery
  • Nerve surgery
  • Joint replacement
  • Hand and wrist arthroscopy
  • Reattachment of amputated fingers or hands
  • Skin grafts

For more information about these or other hand and wrist procedures, talk with a doctor at Dignity Health North State. Our providers will work to create a personalized plan for your care, using minimally invasive surgery options whenever possible.


Are You a Candidate for Hand Surgery?

Your doctor will likely recommend surgery if you have a hand problem that hasn’t responded to noninvasive treatments, such as physical therapy, medications, and steroid injections.

Our hand surgeons can treat the following conditions with surgery expertise:

  • Nerve injuries
  • Arthritis in your hand or wrist
  • Fractures and sprains
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Trigger finger
  • Dupuytren’s contracture

Talk with your doctor about the risks and benefits of hand surgery. Together, you can decide if it’s right for you.


Find a Hand Surgery Center at Dignity Health North State

In many cases, hand surgery is an outpatient procedure that allows you to go home the same day. More extensive procedures are often performed in a hospital setting and require an overnight stay. You may be given regional or general anesthesia. 

After surgery, you may need to wear a splint and have physical therapy. Rest, ice, compression, and elevation (RICE), along with at-home exercises, can help with pain and swelling. Talk with your doctor about follow-up care, medications for pain, and when it may be safe to return to normal activities. A full recovery may take several days or months.

Dignity Health North State is dedicated to your health and wellbeing. If you have questions about treatment for a hand problem, contact us today.

Expertise for hand surgery in Mt. Shasta, Red Bluff, and Redding, CA, is available at Dignity Health North State hospitals and outpatient hand surgery centers.