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Restorative Physical Therapy in Northern California

Physical therapy (PT) is a noninvasive form of orthopedic care that can relieve pain and improve movement. PT is used to treat ongoing or recurring conditions and to stimulate the healing process after an injury or surgical procedure. It can also prevent or delay disability.

If you’ve experienced an injury or have chronic pain and discomfort, physical therapists at Dignity Health North State can help you recover. If your doctor has recommended PT for you or a loved one, we can help you find a physical therapy clinic in Northern California that’s convenient for you.

If you don’t have a health care provider, Find a Doctor online at Mercy Medical Center in Redding or Mt. Shasta.


Why Should You See a Physical Therapist?

PT is an important aspect of most orthopedic treatment programs. With the help of a physical therapist, you can learn exercises and other techniques to build strength, restore balance and mobility, and reduce pain. 

Doctors at Dignity Health North State may recommend PT as an alternative option to orthopedic surgery or prescription pain medication, or as part of a long-term care plan for chronic illness and debilitating conditions.

Your doctor may prescribe physical therapy for:

Our providers offer the latest therapies, including hands-on treatment, sound waves (ultrasound), heat and cold, mechanical traction, and electrical stimulation. Talk with your doctor about the benefits of PT. It may help you avoid more invasive treatments and quicken your recovery time.


Find a Physical Therapy Clinic at Dignity Health North State

When you meet with a physical therapist (PT), he or she will go over your symptoms, current condition, and medical history. At Dignity Health North State, our PTs provide care for wide range of medical specialities, including orthopedics, cardiology, and neurology. Together with your doctor, you can create a plan that meets your needs.

Dignity Health North State offers expertise with humankindness when you need physical therapy in Mt. Shasta, Redding, and Weed, CA.