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Comprehensive Treatment for Spinal Deformities in Northern California

A spinal deformity is any abnormal alignment of the spinal structure. In a normal spinal alignment, the spinal vertebrae are stacked one on top of the other. Any change in the structure of the spinal vertebrae can lead to a deformity, including scoliosis, lordosis or swayback, kyphosis or hunchback, and misaligned vertebra.

Dignity Health North State hospitals offer a full range of treatment and support options for spine conditions, including a deformed spine. Find a Doctor today to begin expert orthopedic care for spinal deformities in Northern California.


Symptoms of a Deformed Spine

Typically, symptoms are only present with large spinal deformities. Severe spinal deformities can cause back pain and interfere with breathing and walking. You may also visibly notice an abnormal spine and uneven shoulders, waistline, hips, or legs.

Our orthopedic surgery and procedures are designed to treat mild or severe symptoms of spinal deformities. We have the experienced orthopedic doctors to help you live with less pain and regain normal body function.


Options for Correcting & Supporting Spinal Deformity at Dignity Health North State

You can work with your doctor to choose a plan of treatment that’s best for you. For a small curvature or abnormality, your doctor may not suggest intensive treatment or surgery. Instead, you may only need individualized physical therapy under the direction of a trained spine care specialist.

When surgery is necessary, our Center for Joint and Spine Health at Mercy Medical Center offers minimally invasive spinal deformity correction surgery. Treatment doesn’t stop with surgery – at Dignity Health North State, we follow up all orthopedic surgeries with rehabilitative care for a complete recovery.

Schedule an appointment today to begin a plan of care that helps you achieve your goals of healing.

Dignity Health North State offers surgical treatment and supportive care for spinal deformity in Mt. Shasta, Red Bluff, and Redding, CA.