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superDimension ® (Lung Cancer)

Mercy San Juan Medical Center is one of two Sacramento-area hospitals using this new life-saving technology to reach previously inaccessible lesions deep in the lungs for the early detection of lung disease.

The superDimension® lung navigation system is a revolutionary technology, like GPS in your car, that enables surgeons to steer a small catheter through the mouth or nose, down the trachea and into the deepest areas of the lungs.

The minimally invasive technology, called inReach®, can locate and biopsy lesions (or spots), which can then be analyzed and treated immediately if necessary.

The ability to diagnose, stage and prepare to treat lung lesions in a single procedure improves the efficiency of care, enhances safety by eliminating multiple procedures and improves patient outcomes through early detection.

This outpatient procedure revolutionizes the treatment of lung cancer patients, enabling diagnosis of lung cancer at a much earlier stage than conventional techniques.

For assistance with a referral to a Dignity Health Cancer Institute of Greater Sacramento physician, call (888) 800-7688