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Tired of ouch?

Enough is enough. Say goodbye to joint pain and connect with an orthopedic specialist.



Our orthopedic specialists understand how joint pain can affect your overall quality of life. It can limit how well you function at work, at home and during your everyday activities. Whether your pain is caused by arthritis, sports injury or another condition, we are here to help you get your life back.

Conditions We Treat

Our orthopedic specialists throughout Greater Sacramento, including Woodland and Grass Valley, provide advanced care for a wide range of conditions. With expert guidance on diet, exercise, medication and other treatment options, Dignity Health's orthopedics team can help with long-lasting solutions to your aches and pains.


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The Benefits of Robotic Surgery

With robotic-assisted surgery—like the Mako System—surgeons have greater precision and accuracy than ever before. Learn more about our advanced orthopedic treatment options.

Advanced Treatment Options

At Dignity Health, you will find an expert team trained in the latest technology and treatment options, including laparoscopic and minimally invasive procedures. Our orthopedics team includes surgeons, specialists, nurses, x-ray technicians and physical therapists. We are prepared with advanced technology, clinical expertise through extensive training and a focus on best practices to care for every patient with compassion and respect. Learn More

Orthopedic Video Series

Many individuals experience joint pain due to injury, disease and normal wear and tear. In this video series, orthopedic surgeon Dr. Sean Robinson, shares tips on when you should seek help for joint pain, how to find an orthopedic specialist, and treatment options, including the benefits of robotic-assisted surgery. Learn more

Hip and Knee Replacement Revisions

Many total hip and knee replacement surgeries have successful outcomes and provide patients with better mobility and less pain for many years. However, these joints may need repair after time due to wear and tear. Some people develop problems that can cause pain, swelling and difficulty with function.

Factors like weight gain or participation in high-impact activities can potentially result in the joint no longer functioning properly. If this occurs, a second surgery, called a joint revision surgery, may be recommended. Revision surgery may include removing and replacing the old joint replacement entirely, or exchanging some components.

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Orthopedic Achievements

Dignity Health is known for excellence in orthopedic care with nationally ranked hospitals and programs throughout the greater Sacramento area.

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Dignity Health offers orthopedic services at all of our Greater Sacramento area hospitals. Find a doctor or location near you. Learn More

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Joint Replacement Class

Before having total joint replacement surgery at Dignity Health, we require our patients to take a class to learn about the procedure, how to prepare, and what recovery will be like. In addition to helping you feel more comfortable, this knowledge ensures you fully understand what is supposed to happen, so you can offer your informed consent. It also helps you to do everything possible to have the best outcome. Learn More