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Take a Joint Replacement Class in the Sacramento Region

Before having total joint replacement surgery at Dignity Health, we require our patients to take a class to learn about the procedure, how to prepare, and what recovery will be like. In addition to helping you feel more comfortable, this knowledge ensures you fully understand what is supposed to happen, so you can offer your informed consent. It also helps you to do everything possible to have the best outcome. Family or other loved ones who will be helping you prepare and recover from the surgery can also attend. 

You should attend a class designated for the Dignity Health hospital where you will have your surgery. Learn more about our joint replacement classes in Sacramento, CA or a surrounding area. 

Why Take a Joint Replacement Class?

At Dignity Health, not only do we want to prepare you mentally and physically for the procedure, but we also want your caretakers to know what to expect and the best ways to support you before and after your surgery. The class is designed to help relieve any anxiety you or your loved ones might have about the procedure.

Topics typically covered during a joint replacement education class include:

  • What happens during the procedure: This class will explain what the surgeons will do to replace your joint and the ways it will benefit you.
  • How to prepare for surgery: The class will cover questions such as whether to do any exercises, whether to fast (not eat before surgery), and whether to bathe. They will also discuss how to prepare your home to make it safer and easier for you to move around after the procedure. You will learn details about what happens when you arrive at the hospital for your surgery.
  • What recovery will be like: The class will cover topics such as pain management, how to care for the incision site, and the need for physical or occupational therapy.


What to Expect from Your Joint Replacement Class at Dignity Health

Our joint replacement education classes are usually up to two hours long. Our knowledgeable nurses or other hospital staff will conduct the class and cover topics related to preoperative preparation, what happens during the procedure, and what to expect in terms of recovery requirements, healing time, and follow up.

The doctors and staff at Dignity Health provide joint replacement classes in Sacramento, CA and the surrounding areas as a part of our exceptional orthopedic services.